Sheepy Hollow Farm

Located in Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania, USA (Susquehanna County). Built and owned by Walt and Eleanor Jagger. Was purchased in 1961 and After a year of clearing brush and trees started building the barn. It was built as a horse farm and recreational place for their family. In the mid 60's the farm was painted with the name Sheepy Hollow, by a friend, their has always been sheep here since the early 60's. Walt Jagger retired from the insurance business about 30 years ago, and now specializes in raising and training Border Collies for herding. 

Sheepy Hollow Farm has hosted the Pennsylvania State Stock Dog Championship since 1982.


The annual Pennsylvania State Championship Stock Dog Trials have been held on Father's Day weekend at Sheepy Hollow Farm in beautiful Northeast Pennsylvania. 
Hosted by Walt Jagger and his daughter, Cheryl Williams, border collies are brought by
their owners to demonstrate their talents and prove their reputation as the world's premier sheep dogs.

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Border Collies

Bred in Scotland specifically to work with herds of sheep numbering in the thousands.

Walt Jagger has been training and directing Border Collies, to bring out the best in them, for well over 25 years. 

Sheepy Hollow Farm in Hop Bottom, PA (Susquehanna County) has hosted the Pennsylvania State Stock Dog Championship for 19 years. Here is where Border Collies and their handlers come from all over the Northeast to test their talents and skills. The championship each June is an opportunity to see what the best dogs and handlers can do on a course with a certain number of tasks to be completed. This is where the real test of dog-owner relationship is tested and where Walt Jagger shows his talent and experience.

The two most outstanding characteristics of Border Collies are their eyes and their style. They work with their heads lowered, at times almost in a crouch, and with a stare that is intent, confident, and almost mesmerizing. They notice every movement of their livestock, and they react by moving, at times almost imperceptibly, to take advantage of it or to counter it.

  • United States Border Collie Handlers' Association
  • Canadian Border Collie Association
  • North East Border Collie Association
Championship Stock Dog Trials:




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